Therapy is focused on the past, Life coaching is focuseD on the future.

Life coaches work together with clients to assess their goals and formulate plans to align values and actions with personal goals. Oftentimes goal setting and personal growth opportunities occur alongside life’s transitions. Change can be hard, but it is a real time to plan for the future! While every client’s path will be different, here are some examples of transitions I guide my clients through.

I’m here to help you navigate grief, find acceptance and overcome all the difficulties that come with a Divorce / Separation so that you can find a healthy path forward.

I’ll work with you and use research supported assessments to help you find the best possible avenues for career change. I’m also here to provide you with support to overcome the natural resistance that comes along with job transitions.

Let’s be honest, being a parent is a tough job! Being pulled in a million different directions while facing the inherent challenges of raising children can take its toll. My experience as a school-based therapist combined with my time as an adult counselor can help you work towards a more harmonious home and school experience.

I can help you identify healthy and unhealthy dynamics within yourself and in your relationships. We work together to identify priorities and personal needs to ensure that you form meaningful and lasting personal connections.

Children leaving for adulthood can create a real crisis of identity and a feeling of loss. New opportunities for personal grown can be presented at this transition. I can help you find the beauty in the stage of life and a positive way forward.